HOMOTHUG - The Secret Life of Rudy Giuliani
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Freedom Man
2010-05-29 18:57:11 UTC
HOMOTHUG - The Secret Life of Rudy Giuliani
by AJ Weberman

Ever wonder why Guiliani's bid for the presidency suddenly fell flat? Why
many that supported him abandoned him? Perhaps because uncensored Internet
exposure of his sordid personal life became known to them.

While his wife abuse, autocratic police-state policies, and court-proven
violations of the Constitution were acceptable to his right-wing supporters,
cross-dressing, possible homosexuality, and his relationship with and
support of a priest defrocked for involvement with pedophilia were not.

This book tells it all!

Sheik Qassam (Abdelaziz)
2010-06-02 08:21:28 UTC
How about the Secret Life of Squirrels.

You seem to have genuone interest in fairy tales.

Or how about the Secret Life of Closet Morons. You could be a main
character in it.