NBC to Host Tonight's Republican Debate
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D. Stussy
2011-09-07 22:48:21 UTC
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Scheduled for MSNBC, 8pm ET; 5pm PT.
Wild Wonderful
2011-09-18 15:49:03 UTC
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Republican dribble?
How come we've never seen a Koch ln a debate? Easier to rent opinions
than to be shown the fool?

YES ! I was finally able to beat the Kochtapus. Just thought I'd
mention that IT IS POSSIBLE TO WIN !!!

Tea Party Zombies Must Die


If you are afraid to click on the links - simply search YouTube with the
Heading for some GREAT Koch videos (nothing longer than 5 minutes).

Will you help Senator Sanders expose the Koch Echo Chamber?

Which Schools Funded By Koch Bros?

The Koch Brothers & Their Amazing Climate Change Denial Machine

Koch Brothers Attack Social Security