Diversity is loading hollow points and ballistic tips - every other round.
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Archie Black
2015-11-07 04:09:01 UTC
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It's the right thing to do when preparing for self-defense
against liberals.
Shoe-Chucker 2
2015-11-07 16:07:52 UTC
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Post by Archie Black
It's the right thing to do when preparing for self-defense
against liberals.
O.T. Veteran's Day.
Wanna hear a War Story. ?
Part of sending someone else to war is the desire to not do the dirty
work yourself. And your guilt about sending someone else of course is
the suffering your don't want to know about.
That's why you believe the war mongers stories. They are designed to
keep you in some "Dream" about being protected by a war machine. Lies
are told and you believed them, because they made you feel good.
Well, there are Ghosts that want to tell you their stories. And it is
hard to "Kill the Messenger" when they're already dead.
Imagine what the 60,000+ Americans that died in Vietnam could tell you.
And you can ask a veteran that's living some questions. Visit Veterans
for Peace. yes, an org/ that might help you understand.

But it is time to wake up. You're doing it again in Iraq and Afghanistan.
You're losing another war, because you can't win. Actually nobody "wins".
The best advice many a veteran can give you is. Don't start a war
unless your country is really threatened. And wars for Oil. hey, we
could have just waited till
the price went down. And paid the going price.
The next time you see a "homeless" person begging , remember many are
Veterans. Damaged in the war machine. Another cost of your gasoline.
Add it in.
when they asked Dick Cheney why he didn't serve in the military, he said;
He had better things to do.
And "w' had 'connections" that got him safe stateside duty. When he
showed up.
Karma ; what a concept!