Which Is Odumbo's Most Egregious Lie?
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D. Stussy
2010-06-19 23:26:17 UTC
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You're all wrong.

His most egregious lie:

That he was qualified to be President.
2010-06-20 23:04:39 UTC
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Post by D. Stussy
You're all wrong.
   That he was qualified to be President.
One reason I honor our military. They do their job without a bunch of
potty mouth and excuses. It's a family tradition for Americans,
apparently, to belittle our leaders, belittle our commanders, belittle
our nation and values and heritage --- and talk crap about our
president, elected by the people ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION.

A soldier salutes and obeys. He does not dishonor the flag, or
dishonor the President, or dishonor his superior officer simply
because he disagrees with an order.

No one can "like" a superior all the time. Some people we might not
get along with..

But what does it mean to support your country? What does it mean to
support your president?

The skinheads claim that Obama is the worst president since Lincoln.
Where do they get that?

Because Obama is black? Or because both Lincoln and Obama were from
Illinois. Is ILLIONOIS the devil's state? Lincoln was nominated in

NOBODY seceded from the union, or tore up the American flag when Obama
was elected. ONE THIRD OF THE UNION WALKED OUT - when Lincoln was
elected. Then, shortly later, bombed Fort Sumter, and took over, got
rid of the American flag.